With 50% of B2B organizations without an online store presence, there is a clear need for them to get started and optimze their customers journey. A crucial step in doing this is building a multichannel marketing strategy.

As far as I’m concerned B2B is converging so much with B2C that the UX is becoming indistinguishable.

15 Years ago I’d be faxing my orders to my fish supplier, or calling up the parts department to get ten-thousand widgets put onto my credit account.

Today’s procurement team wants a slick solution, probably on desktop – but not for long.

Take a read of our dotmailer B2B whitepaper and let me have your feedback here.


Also – why not check out Skip Fedura talking up B2B from Magento Live? I’ll post a link as soon as its online.

We work closely with the Magento platform, and B2B is a sweet experience – implemented correctly.

Because I was involved in this paper – the only thing I’d add is DO NOT be put off by the investment or the fear of change within your sales / procurement team. This is a sure fire way to falll behind and go the way of the dinosaurs.

Marketing your to your B2B community is no different from retail, be relevant, personalise – offer value and convenience.

It’s not rocket science!

I’ll follow up this post with the comments of the people – and predict the future!