1. The key message of this year’s event was centered around the ‘power of the customer’. As Craig Hayman, (President eBay Enterprise & Magento) so eloquently put it, “consumers will choose where, when and how they interact with a brand.”+
  2. The themes and content of Magento Live UK 2015 were geared towards educating Magento merchants on the technologies and solutions that allow them to become flexible and adaptive to the needs of the customer. +
  3. Ben Pressley, Head of Worldwide Sales for Magento got us underway with a rousing talk about the importance of an effective customer experience and journey and the possibilities available to retailers through a broad spectrum of solution and technology providers. +
  4. Highlight: Magento is officially no.1 in IR Top 500 (ahead of Oracle & IBM) and continues to grow.+
  5. Stat-attack! It was fantastic to hear that the UK is the global front runner for ecommerce sales in 2015 and that digital influences 33% of in-store sales in the UK. +
  6. *SPOILER ALERT* – The content and speakers throughout the event were both thought-provoking and insightful. Here’s our brief roundup of a selection of the sessions and the key takeaways…+

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  8. Highlight: Jim Clark from econsultancy was on hand to stress the importance and effectiveness of email marketing.

    Music to our ears and eyes that email marketing featured very early on the agenda!+

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  10. Highlight: Our Client Services Director, Skip Fidura was delighted to share a very interesting panel session with our client Dwaine Bryan from Soho House (Cowshed/Cheeky/Neville), ASAP54 and Wool and the Gang. +
  11. Key takeaways:
    – Should ecommerce and marketing teams join forces or be separate?
    – Don’t be disheartened if web visitors don’t convert. if a customer likes a product enough, they will return and purchase.
    – Marketing teams need to accept that social media followers own your brand. +
  12. Highlight: Paul Smith shared their achievement of a 30% uplift in conversions over the Christmas period following a 6 week revamp of their checkout process.+
  13. Also, a special shout to Sandy Hussain from Fashion Digital for moderating the session.+

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  15. Highlight: Using a platform commonly associated with B2C…for B2B marketing… Sounds alien right? It’s not. And it’s the ‘talk of the town’ in the marketing industry at the minute.+
  16. Funnily enough, we have a new whitepaper on the subject… http://www.dotmailer.com/resources/whitepapers/multichannel-marketing-for-b2b-ecommerce/

    Too obvious?+

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  18. Highlight: dotmailer Client Services Director, Skip Fidura presented the role of multichannel in B2B ecommerce, educating attendees on the importance of humanizing their marketing. +
  19. Key takeaways:
    – B2B and B2C aren’t too dissimilar after all and marketing processes used in B2C can be replicated to increase B2B sales.
    – Marketing automation programs can replicate the human buying experience that consumers expect.
    – Companies such as Alexandra Plc (workwear company), are maximizing the opportunity offered by B2B ecommerce.+

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  21. Highlight: On the afternoon of day 1, the marketplace was opened, spoiling merchants with a hall-full of mind-boggling and ROI-producing technologies (including dotmailer of course)!+

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  23. Magento Live UK featured a new ‘Customer Stories track’. One of the sessions focused on how merchants create successful customer experience on their website and other digital channels.+
  24. Highlight: dotmailer client Hornby Hobbies shared fantastic results from the work they’ve put into improving the customer experience. +

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  26. Highlight: Another recurring theme was internationalization. We had a panel discussion on the key considerations when expanding overseas and Vandy Santos, Global Digital Transformation Lead at Nestle took us through the lessons they’ve learned from experience. +
  27. Key takeaways:
    – Keep pricing the same throughout countries and channels
    – Research cultural, legal, currency, language and logistics issues
    – Integrate native speakers in development and marketing teams+

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  29. Highlight: Kath Pay, from our partner Cloud IQ discussed customer psychology & how to give the subscriber the experience you want them to have.+
  30. Key takeaways:
    – Tactical persuasion is key to an effective customer journey.
    – ‘Ease’ is crucial to conversions of pop-overs and signup forms.
    – Evoke feelings of scarcity and emotion in your customers to achieve success.+

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  32. And of course it couldn’t be a Magento event without a roof-raising after party (and head-splitting hangover). +
  33. To all of our partners – it was great to catch up and we hope the event was prosperous for one and all!+

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