Business start-ups

I LOVE small business.

Im happy to go golobal, but I’m here for your small startup too, infact, thats my bag.
Business start-ups. The most useful time to seek help and make a trusting partneship with someone who will work with you, to reach YOUR dream..

Probably the most difficult thing is to persuade yourself to do so. I can help you make that choice.

However, it is in building and testing your business model, working on a business plan, market testing, finance – even spreadsheets, that you lay the foundation on which you will later depend. And if you need to raise capital you will learn what it is like to be grilled! (it isnt that bad is you know your stuff)

Most businesses never start, othert just failed through lack of planning, have run out of cash or been based on a fundamentally rubbish model?

Quite a few real world and dot coms come to me or help.

How can I help

I still think I’m a start up, I’ve worked for corporates, gvoenrment, marketing, technology, payments and run 4 of my own small businesses. Thats nearly 20 years of highs and lows – Ive got a lot wrong and learned a lot of lessons

Since then we have been involved in a series of start-ups in several countries. Ican ask the right questions, guide you through the business plannning and busines plan process and coach you in how to present, convince and get going – even go global,

Perhaps more significant, I’ve done it myslef and I can provide references from people who are WAY more impressive then I could claim to be 🙂

And once you have started, I’m there for the jhourney.

I cant afford you!

Yeah you can.

I charge hourly, daily and sometimes no rates – I’ll take a little equity or just be happy to use you as a case study. The first step is getting in touch,

We don’t know whether you are already involved in a start-up, or whether you would like to know more about ,me or my services. Whichever it is, get in touch, I wont bite! And together – we can take over the world (or if you prefer, just Bolton)

The small business consultan
The small business consultan