Central to your business is the person buying your product or service.. If you cant say to yourself – “What’s missing from the market – or What do people need?” then stop, go home and think again.

If you have an awesome idea then there’s no better time to make it work than right now.

Investors, technology and people hungry for better ways to do things (BE DISRUPTIVE) you can really do it now, but it can be a minefield, and don’t be afraid to ask for help and advice.

Best of all – TEST YOUR IDEA – prove the concept.

With preparation and the right trappings, you can almost eliminate risk and create a service, solution, product or business that is either novel – or better than the competition.


Firstly – find your niche, what is missing? What can YOU do better?

Then – find your audience, and do some testing, do it with family and friends, then try it on strangers at trade shows, on the street or online. It’s the only way you’ll know if it works.

Define your audience, wicked trainers with flashing lights are unlikely to tempt grandma, so do some research you know who to test on, and where to market.

Once your idea is well-defined and tested.. . kick in with some beta testing. Build a prototype, give some freebies away – offer a free service to get some testimonials – this does not have to be expensive.

[tiny] solutions can work with you to very cheaply create a business plan, or perform a function of your business. You’ll be surprised just how effective it can be to have a partner like us.

  1. Business Planning
  2. Testing and sourcing
  3. Market pricing
  4. Channel Partnerships
  5. Retail Channels
  6. E commerce design and promotion
  7. Sales and marketing
  8. Coaching and mentoring

Just give us a call or drop an email and we can talk through your budget, hopes and aspirations – and we can help you go solo, go local – or go global.

We can make business fun and take some of the friction out of it for you.. give us a try – or maybe you’ll never try?

The small business consultan
The small business consultants

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